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A Bold Grant Program Honouring Penfolds Legacy: 1844 to Evermore

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Penfolds Evermore Inaugural Grant Round

Penfolds is inviting Australian applicants to apply for a share of $200,000 to support bold and innovative projects that make a contribution to community and culture. With a focus on three key areas, ‘food’, ‘winemaking/viticulture’ and ‘creative arts’ (including fashion, art and music), up to three grants will be awarded to those who venture beyond in their chosen field.

Evermore is Penfolds first dedicated sustainability platform. It captures Penfolds aspirations as a global winemaker, employer, and leader to leave a positive mark on the places, communities and people Penfolds engages with, contributing to a world where future generations can thrive. Penfolds Evermore complements parent company Treasury Wine Estates’ broader sustainability strategy, focusing on areas inextricably linked to Penfolds DNA.

The inaugural Evermore grant round in Australia is Penfolds first grant round, bringing to life a long-held aspiration to give back to Penfolds communities. In 2023, Penfolds pledged $1 million (AUD) over five years towards the Penfolds Evermore Grant Program, which will be administered in multiple rounds covering different territories around the world, starting in Australia, with France, USA and China to follow.  

The three strategic priorities that underpin Penfolds Evermore are:

  1. Community and culture: supporting Penfolds communities, both local and global, to thrive by fostering connection and culture – with the grant program directly linked to this pillar.
  2. Future winemaking: advancing winemaking and viticulture practices through ongoing innovation and supporting the next generation of bold and curious winemakers.
  3. Towards sustainability: taking steps to help preserve our natural world focused on production practices, winemaking and viticulture.

The Penfolds DNA, 1844 to Evermore

Penfolds success has been driven by a lineage of visionary winemakers. It began with Dr Christopher and Mary Penfold, the pioneers who dreamed big, inventing tonics, brandies, and fortified wines made from grapes and Australian sunshine. It continued with Max Schubert, a celebrated winemaking legends who pushed Penfolds development to extraordinary, bold new heights.

It is this pioneering spirit and curiosity that still rings true after nearly two centuries, it is what has helped Penfolds become one of the most celebrated winemakers in the world today.

Historic blends, significant milestones and heritage vineyards have been honoured by a lineage of custodians whose courage, imagination, precision and humility have ensured Penfolds stays true to its original values while remaining relevant for current and future generations. 

As Penfolds continues to evolve and innovate guided by its pioneering spirit, its global footprint is growing, it is increasingly collaborating with other disciplines and its approach to sustainable business is developing. 

Designing a bold and broad grant program

Through the Evermore Grant Program, Penfolds aims to find and support collaborators and contributors that share its pioneering spirit and bold vision for the future.

Penfolds knows that innovation can come in unexpected forms and from unexpected places. The Evermore Grant Program’s design aims to provide flexibility for a wide range of project types and applicants. The grant round is open to individuals, groups, businesses, organisations and research institutes.

Tips for applicants

Social impact consultant to Penfolds, Kate Fazio, offers potential applicants the following tips:

  • Be bold: this grant is an opportunity to apply for a novel or bold project. Ambitious ideas that are looking to the future will stand out in the applicant field. 
  • Respond to the grant guidelines: while obvious to point out, carefully reviewing the grant guidelines and context provided by Penfolds will help you to align your proposal to Penfolds granting priorities
  • Impact: be clear about why your project matters and what impact it is aiming to achieve. Expressing the underlying value of the project succinctly and persuasively and ensuring its connection to this grant opportunity is clear will help your project stand out
  • Why you?: Consider why you or your organisation is uniquely positioned to deliver this project. What is your point of difference? How are you and your project aligned with Penfolds values?
  • Partnerships and leverage: Projects that have support, whether from community, volunteers, project partners, industry or other funders can offer good return on investment for funders
  • Quantum: Penfolds is aiming to award more than one grant from the total pool of $200,000, so take this into consideration when setting your grant ask level

Read more about the Evermore Grant Program and apply here.

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Jay Boolkin

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