Penfolds Evermore Grant Program

Date/Deadline: 17 Mar, 2024

Are you an innovator, a change-maker, a creative spirit with a daring project to contribute to community and culture? Step forward and seize this unique opportunity. The Penfolds Evermore Grant is here to help bring your vision to life!

The inaugural Penfolds Evermore grant round has launched in Australia, inviting trailblazers like you to apply for a share of $200,000. This grant aims to support bold and innovative projects that foster connection and culture, focusing on three key areas: food, winemaking/viticulture, and creative arts (including fashion, art, and music). Up to three grants will be awarded to those who dare to venture beyond in their chosen field.

This exciting opportunity stems from Penfolds’ pledge to donate $1 million (AUD) over five years towards the Penfolds Evermore Grant Program. Administered in multiple rounds across different territories around the globe, the program starts in Australia, with France, USA, and China soon to follow. This grant round is part of the Penfolds ‘Evermore’ program, a coordinated sustainability strategy aimed at making a positive global impact.

For 180 years, Penfolds has been at the forefront of winemaking, leaving its footprint across many vineyards and countries. Now, as Penfolds steps into its next 180 years, it’s committed to creating new legacies, embracing a more diverse global overview, and courageously seeking new challenges.

The Penfolds Evermore initiative encapsulates Penfolds’ aspirations as a global winemaker, employer, and leader to leave a positive mark on the places, communities and people it engages with. Penfolds’ aim is to contribute to a future where generations can thrive, focusing on three strategic priorities: supporting community and culture, advancing future winemaking, and promoting sustainability.

Your innovative project could be the next big thing. Apply for a Penfolds Evermore grant and supercharge your contribution to shaping a better future.

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