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7 Reasons Why You Should Join the ACU Co-lab Migrant Incubator Series

Are you a migrant or refugee with a passion for entrepreneurship and a dream of launching your own start-up in Australia?

If so, we have an incredible opportunity for you!

Introducing ACU Co-Lab Migrant Incubator Series, a FREE eight-week, transformative learning program designed to equip aspiring migrant and refugee changemakers with the knowledge and practical skills needed to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

In partnership with Catalysr, industry experts will guide you through the process of building and growing a business while offering a chance to win $10,000 through the Migrant Incubator Award

Here are seven reasons why joining this program will help you unleash your potential.

1. Empowering the Everyday Visionaries

At the core of the Migrant Incubator Series is a belief in the power of diverse perspectives and ideas. We understand that migrants and refugees often bring unique experiences and innovative solutions to the table. This program aims to empower those everyday visionaries by providing them with the necessary knowledge, tools and resources to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

2. A Roadmap to Success

Launching a start-up can be overwhelming, especially in a new country. The Migrant Incubator Series acts as your roadmap to success, navigating you through the key components of building and growing a business in Australia. Over the course of eight weeks, you will have access to a series of workshops led by industry experts, delivering actionable knowledge based on real-world experience.

3. Learn From the Best

Our industry experts at Catalysr have been carefully selected to guide you through the complexities of entrepreneurship. Our speakers and facilitators include Usman Iftikhar, Sakshi Thakur, Alan Jones and Daniel Veytsblit.

From lean startup, business planning and marketing strategies to financial management and customer acquisition, these seasoned professionals will share their expertise and insights, preparing you for the challenges that lie ahead.

4. Interactive Learning

Learning doesn’t have to be boring! The Migrant Incubator Series ensures an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Through live online workshops via Zoom, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate with fellow changemakers.

This interactive format allows for peer-to-peer learning, networking, and idea-sharing, enriching your overall learning experience.

5. Pitch for Success

As part of the Migrant Incubator Series, you can also craft a video pitch to be considered for the Migrant Incubator Award.

This exciting opportunity allows you to put your newly learned skills into practice and showcase your innovative ideas. The Migrant Incubator Award offers more than just recognition—it provides the chance to win $10,000 to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.

6. A Community of Support

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey, especially if you are a new migrant, refugee or international student – but not with the Migrant Incubator Series.

Throughout the program, you will become part of a supportive and diverse community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a difference through entrepreneurship.

Building a strong network is crucial for any startup and this program offers the perfect platform to establish meaningful connections, fellow trailblazers you can collaborate with and stay connected with beyond the program as you continue on your entrepreneurial journey.

7. Free and Inclusive

The Migrant Incubator Series is committed to breaking barriers and making entrepreneurship education accessible to everyone.

This program is entirely free to attend and open to migrants, refugees, international students, academics, and the broader community.

We believe that economic, cultural, or language barriers should not stand in the way of realising your dreams.

If you have a dream of starting your own business and making a positive impact in Australia, the Migrant Incubator Series is your gateway to success.

Unleash your potential, learn from industry experts, network with a diverse community, and pitch for the chance to win $10,000.

Join this transformative eight-week journey and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to become a changemaker in Australia’s entrepreneurial landscape. If you’re ready to take the leap, register today for the Migrant Incubator Series and embark on an exciting adventure towards a brighter future!


Guest post by Usman Iftikhar, co-founder and CEO of Catalysr, an award-winning startup incubator which empowers migrant and refugee entrepreneurs (aka migrapreneurs) to launch their own startups. Since 2016, Catalysr has supported 684 migrapreneurs. He’s also a commercialisation facilitator at the AusIndustry’s Entrepreneurs’ Program, helping early stage startups access upto $1m in grant funding to commercialise. Usman is a 2020 Stanford GSB alumnus, a 2019 Obama Leader, an EHF Fellow, WEF Global Shaper, 2019 Westpac Social Change Fellow, 2018 AMP Tomorrow Maker, Singularity University’s GSP 2017 Fellow, and a Young Social Pioneer alumnus at FYA. In 2018, Usman was named the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year. In 2019, he was named as one of the top 50 on Kochie’s Business Builders Power list with Google, on Smart Company’s 30 under 30 list, and also won the Western Sydney Leadership Award for Entrepreneurial Achievement. In 2020, Usman was declared a winner in the ‘Entrepreneurship’ category, for the 40 under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian Leadership Awards.
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