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3 Things a Young Person in the Social Impact Space Needs to Know

The social impact space is booming with new possibilities for millennial-aged changemakers. From voluntourism to starting a for-purpose side-hustle, young people have more drive and passion than ever to make a positive difference in the world.

In February of 2019, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre will play host to the Rotary Vic Youth Forum, a day of inspiration and empowerment for young people aged 18 – 30 to learn from the best of the best in the social impact scene. With guest speakers like thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn and CEO of YGAP Manita Ray taking the stage, a number of panels will grace the stage covering issues from female leadership to Australia’s role in combatting global issues.

Get started on your journey to make a positive change with these top tips:

1. Be an intrapreneur, not just an entrepreneur

While it’s easy to get caught up in the glamour and adventure as a budding young entrepreneur, consider your intrapreneurial spirit with just as much enthusiasm. This means looking inward – utilising the tools at your disposal, the people already on your side, and working to innovate and empower from within. Your best resources are the relationships you have already established!

2. Scale away, scale away, scale away…

Right from the get-go, make sure you can clearly conceptualise an ultimate goal for your project or idea. What does it look like? Who is involved? What impact are you making? Defining the scale or the scalability of your organisation is essential when it comes to planning your growth.

3. Vulnerability is your strength

Your heart is what led you into the social impact space in the first place, so allow it to guide you. Your compassion is a superpower, and it’s what draws people to listen to what you have to say and support the change you’re trying to drive. Emotional bravery is a powerful and human quality to have!

Rotary Victoria and Vollie present the Youth Forum 2019 on Saturday February 16th 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Early bird tickets are avaliable from $29 – snap up your spot now and learn more here.

Written By Ellie Nikakis 


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