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Social Impact: 3 THINGS to Know, Read and Hear

We get it. Life is crazy and balancing out your time can be super hard. With so much going on it’s difficult stay ahead of the learning game and easy to lose track of what’s happening in the world of social impact. The trick is to stop trying to read everything out there. There’s too much. And you’re too busy. Instead, give us roughly 3 minutes and we’ll brief you on what you need to know, read and hear. If you’re passionate about creating positive social and environmental impact, our handpicked content is all you need to stay informed and inspired.

For the week starting 11/5/2020, here’s…

What you need to KNOW:

Scaling Impact Accelerator. Scaling Impact is an accelerator that helps social enterprises and purpose-driven startups grow their business and prepare for future impact investment. Given COVID-19, they are focused on enterprises with strong business models operating in resilient sectors.

What you need to READ:

Resilient Australia Awards. The Resilient Australia Awards celebrate initiatives that build whole of community resilience to disasters and emergencies around Australia, as well as images capturing resilience in action. The awards recognise collaboration and innovative thinking across all sectors.

Seafood for Good Accelerator. If you’re passionate about making positive environmental impact within the sustainable seafood industry, there is an exciting opportunity to join Seafood For Good 12-week accelerator program run by sustainable fishing company, Austral Fisheries, and social innovation hub StartSomeGood.

What you need to HEAR:

#StartingGood Virtual Summit. Over ten days in May, 30+ world-renowned social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and innovation leaders are coming together to talk about creating a lasting positive impact in the world. The virtual summit includes action focussed workshops and in-depth interviews with game-changing social entrepreneurs, to support, upskill and inspire the next generation of change leaders.

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