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Social Impact: 3 THINGS to Know, Read and Hear

We get it. Life is crazy and balancing out your time can be super hard. With so much going on it’s difficult stay ahead of the learning game and easy to lose track of what’s happening in the world of social impact. The trick is to stop trying to read everything out there. There’s too much. And you’re too busy. Instead, give us roughly 3 minutes and we’ll brief you on the what you need to know, read and hear. If you’re passionate about creating positive social and environmental impact, our handpicked content is all you need to stay informed and inspired.

For the week starting 27/4/2020, here’s…

What you need to KNOW:

Resilient Australia Awards.  The Resilient Australia Awards celebrate initiatives that build whole of community resilience to disasters and emergencies around Australia, as well as images capturing resilience in action. The awards recognise collaboration and innovative thinking across all sectors.

What you need to READ: 

RESET 2020. Informed by a national research project about the impacts of Covid19, the program – RESET 2020 – will be delivered through bi-weekly live online broadcasts and interactive Q&A sessions featuring subject matter specialists offering practical, relevant support and sharing insights and inspiring case studies. 

What you need to HEAR: 

Social Impact From Home: Benefits and Drawbacks. Life has changed for many of us over the past several weeks. We’ve had to acclimate to Zoom meetings, spending the day in our pyjamas, and workspaces surrounded by kids, clutter, and distractions. What could this mean for our social impact? It’s important to look at both sides of the coin – we could easily get caught up in all of the disadvantages this time could bring for us and our social impact. However, it’s also important to realise that this time presents unique opportunities that could be taken advantage of.

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