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Positive Action with Every Transaction

What if changing the world was as easy as popping to the shops?

Social enterprises are businesses created to do good. They come in many forms, from coffee shops to law firms, selling a wide range of products and services. Each one exists to help solve a problem in our community.

Like many businesses, social enterprises have suffered through the recent economic downturn. However, uniquely, these businesses often serve the most disadvantaged in our communities through job placement, social connection, cultural exchange and environmental benefits. The delivery of these impact services is really how social enterprises make a big difference.

That’s why the Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) has welcomed funding support from the Queensland State Government to undertake an awareness-raising and promotion campaign to support Queensland social enterprises at this critical time.

Chair of QSEC Emma-Kate Rose said, “Social Enterprises are businesses specifically designed to go beyond business as usual. What if changing the world was as easy as popping to the shops? Every time you spend a dollar in a social enterprise, you’re providing $3 back into the communities that social enterprises support. They employ on average 15 people per enterprise and help keep local dollars in the local economy.”

“On the eve of the first anniversary of the Queensland’s inaugural Social Enterprise Strategy, and QSEC’s seventh year of operation, we are calling for social enterprises to stand up and be counted, and for consumers to locate their local social enterprise to take positive action with every transaction to make the world a little better", Ms. Rose continued.

To hear the social enterprise stories of impact, get involved and find out more visit today.

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