Zero Emissions Vehicle Emerging Technologies

Date/Deadline: 10 Feb, 2023

The ZEVET program provides $3.18 million in grants to support innovative technologies in electric vehicle charging.

The ZEVET program supports pre-commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging technologies towards full commercialisation. Innovative EV charging technologies will support broader uptake of ZEVs.

By 2030, we’re aiming for half of all light vehicle sales in Victoria to be zero emissions vehicles. Their Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap outlines how they plan to achieve this goal.


ZEVET will support projects that:

• demonstrate a contribution in meeting Victoria’s 2030 target
• build upon EV charging technologies to support the uptake of ZEVs
• create project supply chains and local jobs, building skills, capabilities and services across each service area
• where possible, utilise local content such as skills and services, to deliver the project
• deliver community, economic and social benefit
• where possible, support smart charging technology manufacturing, installation or maintenance opportunities within Victoria
• reduce greenhouse gas emissions to support Victoria’s legislated net-zero by 2050 emissions reduction target and the business’s own targets and strategies.


$3.18 million in grants is available, with no minimum or maximum grant amount per project.

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