A Churchill Fellowship offers Australian citizens a life-changing opportunity to travel overseas for four to eight weeks to learn more about a topic or issue that they are passionate about.

As an internationally recognised award, recipients gain access to expertise from around the world. Applicants are empowered to design their own projects to explore international best practice and innovation that can be applied in Australia. There is a high level of visibility and credibility associated with being a Churchill Fellow, as well as a responsibility to share the knowledge and skills gained overseas with the Australian community. It is a competitive process, with more than 100 Churchill Fellowships awarded around Australia every year.

Air travel, in-country transportation, accommodation and living expenses are included in a Churchill Fellowship.

Churchill Fellowships are awarded to people from all walks of life. They encourage applications from all sectors of the community and in any field or topic of interest.

Only Australian citizens are eligible to apply. No academic qualifications are required. A Churchill Fellowship cannot be used to assist with completion of tertiary study.

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