Unleashing the Potential of Social Enterprise: Course with CEO & Harvard Lecturer Jim Bildner

Date/Deadline: 27 Jun, 2024

The Social Impact Hub invites social entrepreneurs and their supporters to seize an exceptional learning experience with the short course, “Unleashing the Potential of Social Enterprise: Operationalising and Scaling for Impact”. This course is led by the renowned Jim Bildner, CEO of the global venture philanthropy leader, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.

Leveraging his rich background as a trustee for The Kresge Foundation and the Nonprofit Finance Fund, among numerous other prestigious roles, and building on his Harvard Kennedy School teachings, this virtual course encapsulates years of invaluable insights gained from nurturing early-stage social enterprises.

This program is designed to equip participants with the crucial know-how for bringing a social enterprise to its full potential. It covers crafting impactful strategies, mastering implementation techniques, and securing essential resources for significant change. A pivotal part of the learning involves exploring various ‘end games’ – envisioning the journey from where your enterprise stands today to achieving lasting impact. Through diverse global case studies, learners will explore proven tactics for scaling social enterprises effectively.

The course stresses the ‘how to’ aspect of scaling a social enterprise, and participants will gain insights that transcend theory and dive into practical, actionable steps.

If you’re a social entrepreneur with a serious commitment to scaling their impact or someone who supports social enterprises to do so, don’t miss out on this fantastic learning opportunity. Grab your ticket today!

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