Date/Deadline: 18 May, 2019

Almost half the world — over 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. Many of those people are hungry, without enough money to feed themselves or their families. With over half the world living in poverty, it’s our responsibility as youth to tackle poverty, and stop it in its tracks. With climate change, conflict, and economics as contributing factors to poverty, the problem is more complex than we can ever fully grasp, but we can take action and start to chip away at the complex issue that billions are facing across the globe.

UNITE 2030 | Push Out Poverty will challenge attendees to step beyond their comfort zones as they work for two days to “hack” global poverty and hunger. The diverse and dynamic community will face the challenges head on, taking giant leaps toward eradicating poverty for good.


Two days of new ideas and connections


• Saturday, December 8th
Build relationships and learn new skills at unique workshops and experiences during the day. Learn your challenge, and meet your teams, and let the ideation begin. Hear from experts on how to best tackle global challenges, and discover how to begin launching your worldchanging ideas.

• Sunday, December 9th
Explore endless opportunities to form connections with like-minded worldchangers from around the globe. Work with expert mentors to streamline your ideas, and work to finalize your solution to the challenge. Pitch your solution to a panel of judges, and compete to win the UNITE 2030 Challenge.

Why is UNITE 2030 hosted online?
They want to democratise access to the conversations, information, and worldchanging opportunities that shape the world. Their Global Summits are 100% online and inclusive. Hosting their Global Summits online helps them create a space where people are not left out of conversations because of the color of their passports, inability to travel or social or economic status. They want to convene a space that is entirely globally inclusive and not exclusive, putting narratives from around the world into the heart of the solutions that they create, taking conversations out of the United Nations and conference rooms, and into the hands of real, young people like you.

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