Unbound Ideas: Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit

Unbound Ideas Summit is a celebration of social innovation and entrepreneurship — bringing together Australia’s leading and emerging innovators for an engaging day of big ideas!

With an exceptional line-up of facilitators, workshops and discussions, the event offers a unique opportunity to learn from and create networks with remarkable change-makers who call Melbourne home.

Breaking the mould of traditional conferences, this Summit is all about DOING, rather than being another talk-fest. Participants will have access to loads of hands-on, practice-based workshops specifically tailored to the needs and skills of people in the room – in addition to engaging debates, storytelling sessions, networking opportunities and even a comedy act!

This year’s Summit will also feature an Unconference style session where we hand the facilitation over to you – the experts in the room. Self-nominated participants will be invited to lead in a 30min mini-workshop sharing their own ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences with other participants. Do you have a unique workshop you’d like to offer, or an exciting idea you want build a movement around? Get in touch with the organisers and we can make it happen!

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