Tropical Cyclone Seroja Small Business Recovery Grants

Date/Deadline: 30 Jun, 2023

Reimbursement grants of up to $25,000 are available to help eligible small businesses directly impacted by Tropical Cyclone Seroja cover cyclone-related clean-up and reinstatement costs for their business.

The Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements WA – Small Business Recovery Grant, jointly funded by the Commonwealth and State under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements, provides financial support to eligible small businesses located within the 16 local government areas impacted by Cyclone Seroja, to assist with the costs of cleaning up cyclone-related debris and resuming operations.

The reimbursement grants will assist small businesses to continue or recommence operations as soon as possible. The grants are not intended to meet costs that can be claimed under insurance, or replace income lost as a result of the disaster.

Small businesses that have previously applied for the Small Business Cyclone Seroja Grant Scheme, may also apply for the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements WA – Small Business Recovery Grant.

Eligibility criteria

Small businesses intending to apply for the grant should meet all of the eligibility criteria listed below:

• You are a small business with an Australian Business Number (ABN), located in one of the 16 local government areas identified.
• You were conducting your business prior to and including the date of the eligible disaster.
• You suffered direct damage to your premises and/or tools of trade.
• You are primarily responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of premises or equipment.
• You intend to re-establish your business in the same area.
• If you are a sole trader, you derived the majority of your income from the business before the disaster.
• Your business is located in one of their listed following local government areas

Purpose of grants

Grants must be used for clean-up and reinstatement including:

• equipment and materials to undertake clean-up
• carting away damaged goods and material, including cost of disposal
• payment for trades people to conduct safety inspections
• essential repairs to premises and internal fittings (e.g. floor covering, electrical rewiring, shelving)
• purchase or hire/lease costs for equipment essential to the immediate resumption of operations
• additional labour costs (above and beyond normal wage expenditure)
• leasing of temporary premises, and
• replacement of stock which is essential to the immediate resumption of operations.

The grants must be used to reimburse you for clean-up and reinstatement costs already paid.

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