Date/Deadline: 31 Dec, 2025

What is the goal of this project?
As an urgent response to the global climate emergency, Jonas Philanthropies is expanding its commitment to healthcare and “Investing where it matters most” to include large scale reforestation, conservation and afforestation. We will grow over 10 Million trees by 2025.

What is the problem we are addressing?
Climate change is the chaotic destabilisation of the weather patterns on earth which creates enormous suffering for millions and soon billions of people on earth, leading to the mass extinction of millions of species of other animals and is potentially an existential threat to all human life in the long run.

What is the solution proposed?
Growing an additional trillion trees on Earth (while protecting, conserving and enhancing our current standing forests) might be essential for human survival and certainly holds the promise to be one of the single most cost-effective ways to relieve human suffering and forestall or reverse species extinction. Growing trees en masse is one of the few approaches to addressing Global Warming that is known to be effective at reducing greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere and, depending on the type of trees, also directly provides for critical, day to day, human material needs. Additional benefits include reducing urban heat island effect and improving air quality.

Why trees?
Trees are the most economical and simplest known way of capturing and storing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to reduce the Greenhouse Effect, reduce Global Warming and reduce the tragic impacts of Climate Change. Healthy trees mean health people around the world.

Leverage this thoughtful and transparent approach to build a powerful network of partner funders to join in supporting a diversity of tree-growing organisations both domestic and global that prioritise the following:

– Engaging and supporting frontline communities
– Promoting food security, biodiversity, and multi-functionality of species
– Ensuring high survival and focusing on species with meaningful carbon sequestration

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