TOM@Schools are custom-built STEM workshops teaching students about the design process, disability awareness, Makedo cardboard prototyping and 3D printing.

Program Objectives:

– To invigorate and engage students in Years 5-10 in STEM activities and increase interest in STEM education.
– To introduce the importance of respectfully working with people with disability.
– To encourage teamwork and collaboration to build a prototype using the Design Thinking Process.

How does it Work?

– The program runs over 2 x 2 hr sessions that can be held over consecutive days or weeks.
– Group sizes are limited to 30 students. We can run a maximum of two sessions per day.
– They will need a big screen that is connected to internet and a large space for students to create!
– They will require access to the space 15 minutes prior to the session.
– Please contact them for their pricing structure.

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