The Harcourts Foundation Grant Program

Date/Deadline: 03 Feb, 2023

The Harcourts Foundation is seeking applications for its Grants Program to provide support that helps, grows and enriches the communities.

They have a clear focus on providing grants to reputable, community-based charitable organisations that need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible.

Eligibility Criteria:

The organisation applying for a grant MUST be the organisation which will run the project for which the grant is being sought.


• Grant applications must be for a specific event, project, item or initiative.
• Requests for the event, project, item or initiative must be scheduled to occur within four months of the upcoming Grant decision meeting date (meetings are held in the month following the end of the quarter).
• Grants will not be given for items already purchased or events/initiatives/projects already held.
• If the Grant is not used for the purpose for which it was applied, they will request that it be returned so they can provide it to another deserving group.
• They may ask for supporting documents such as quotes, references, etc.
• For branches of an organisation where another branch has been successful in achieving a Grant from them in the past, this does not mean automatic qualification for a Grant.
• Each application will be considered independently based on funds available and circumstances at the time.
• For successful organisations, please do not apply within the next 18 months, as they would like to assist other organisations.
• Applying as a national or regional organisation is permissible, however applications must be for a specific community event, project, item or initiative that fits the criteria.

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