The Global Surgical Training Challenge

Date/Deadline: 11 Nov, 2020

The $5m Challenge, funded by the Intuitive Foundation, aims to make simulation-based training accessible through low-cost, open-source training modules. The downloadable modules will include a self-assessment function that allows surgical practitioners to test their new skills.

The Intuitive Foundation, in partnership with Nesta Challenges and MIT Solve, have launched the Global Surgical Training Challenge to stimulate the creation of novel, low-cost surgical training modules. These open-source modules will help surgical practitioners to learn and assess new skills to improve the health of their communities.

The Challenge aims to create a paradigm shift in how surgical practitioners learn and assess surgical techniques. The validated modules will be free to download and inexpensive to reproduce in a variety of global settings.

Each surgical simulation model will be accompanied by a self-assessment framework, allowing surgical practitioners to test their newly acquired skills and all modules (the model, know-how for build and training materials) will be free to download online at the soon-to-be launched Global Surgical Training Community platform.

How it Works
Following the launch of the Challenge on 15 July 2020, MIT Solve will host a series of virtual networking and workshop events called Solveathons. To find out more about our Solveathon workshops and how to participate, visit our page Participate.

The Challenge is divided in three stages:

• Discovery Awards (up to US$200k each)

The Discovery Awards are initial grants to allow teams to develop and test their prototype surgical modules. Grantees will be expected to utilise their grant to develop an initial prototype and self-assessment framework. The Challenge’s Judging Panel will select 10 teams to receive Discovery Awards.

• Finalist Awards (up to US$500k each)

The Finalist Awards are grants that allow three to five teams to further develop and improve their original prototypes. These will be awarded Finalist Awards following successful application from the Discovery Award stage or through an original application.

• Grand Prize (of US$1million)

The Grand Prize will be awarded to the Finalist team deemed to have most successfully developed their original prototype and created the most impact through further module development.

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