Launched by two Entrepreneurs in Residence, Anthony Wright and Glenn Smith, ‘The Dash’ is a VC fund and talent community providing capital along with human talent to startups.

They provide capital, talent and advice to startups.

Venture Capital

They fund startups in Australia, New Zealand and South Asia so they can make the most of their dash. They provide seed and early-stage capital to founders who strive to improve society and the wellbeing of people, mainly in the healthcare, food, farming, workplace, finance, education and ESG sectors.

Talent Agency

Find talent and work with The Dash. For startups who need to be fast and nimble, flexible on-demand talent makes perfect sense. For people who love helping startups, join their team to find work, and begin or grow your career in startups.

Advisory Studio

Practical, helpful, cost-effective and timely advice for startups. Their team are experienced founders, entrepreneurs, operators and leaders who care about startups making the most of their dash.

What’s the dash?

Every venture, job, career, project and someone’s life has start and end dates. The dates aren’t so important, it’s the “—” between them. The story of The Dash has been published by Alton Maiden at Notre Dame, famous coach, Lou Holtz, and in a poem by Linda Ellis.

Their job is to help startup founders, team members, clients and investors build, grow, develop and improve their dash. To make their dash happier, rewarding and fulfilled.

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