THE BIG LEAP Incubator Program Round 2

Date/Deadline: 30 Oct, 2022

There’s been a call for programs that give migrant entrepreneurs the pathway to connect and be supported in their entrepreneurial endeavours for some time. With a focus on expansion into new geographies via the lucrative startup market in India, the Big LEAP incubator program is here to help make this a reality!

About the Program

A hybrid 12-month program tailored to your schedule & learning style.

They’re connecting innovators, investors and influencers.

Our mission is to build and scale global, sustainable businesses.

They’ve designed a program to help migrant founders draw on their unique strengths, sharpen their plans, test their ideas on a new market, hone their skills and build a network for long-term success through international expansion.

They won’t just finish there.

A support network of like-minded influencers, investors and innovators dedicated to building high-growth migrant-led, future-focused companies with technology at its core will help entrepreneurs on their way to success, challenging them through every phase of the program.

And if that’s not all, there is a chance to fly with them to India to connect with investors and test offerings being made in this high-growth market. Their Immersion Phase is subsidised through grant funding and up for grabs for the best and brightest business ideas!

Why India?

India’s 1.3 billion+ population presents a HUGE market with a wide spectrum of demographics and the needs and aspirations that come with it. Recent international research recognises India as one of the top emerging markets in the world despite the pandemic. According to NSDL, Indian equities gained $23 billion from foreign institutional investors in 2020, while the economies of its neighbours experienced inflation and outflows. In collaboration with, T-Hub, The Big LEAP has the benefit of eyes and ears in the Indian market and its startup scene.

A culturally diverse cohort brings new perspectives

The Big LEAP is led by two women business leaders and first-generation migrants to Australia, with an all-female support team of industry experts.

They encourage diversity, inclusion and female entrepreneurship for its known impact on economic and social benefits because they know how difficult it can be to get a ‘foot in the door’.

Entrepreneurs will be part of a culturally diverse contingent of first and second-generation founders from different countries and backgrounds to bring fresh perspectives.

Who is it for?

The Big LEAP is open to all first and second-generation migrant founders and co-founders with businesses post-seed stage with a validated product, ready to explore their international business potential.


This program is open for Australian founders . To be considered the following must be met:

• At least one member of the founding team must be an Australian resident
• Founder or Cofounder to have a migrant heritage
• Business to encompass a scalable tech component

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