At Sydney Hardware Incubator, their program includes tailored learning experiences for early stage inventors/founders with ideas of physical products in a wide variety of industries and based on a deep understanding of the business world. With a wealth of experience and an impressive list of mentors and directors, Sydney Hardware Incubator provides an unmatched experience for those with untapped potential.

They are the first Hardware Incubator and Accelerator program in Sydney. The organising company Innovation Drive was founded in 2018 by Product development expert Sayee Ganjekar & Tech expert Omar Najjar. Later joined by a Mechanical Engineer, Ketan Pawar.

Innovation Drive comprises a community of exceptional idea assessors, industrial designers, product designers, engineers and manufacturers who work together to produce high standard products ready for market, with consistently affordable rates. The existing market is fragmented. Their solution enables new markets to exist. Smart, quick and transparent services demystify the commercialisation process.

Focused on supporting Hardware Startups through Prototyping and Manufacturing of innovative consumer electronics and connected Devices.

They believe inventors come from all walks of life, Some are trained scientists or engineers who work for large companies. But most investors are everyday people: truck drivers, plumbers, nurses. People who look at a situation and come up with a solution that they think works better. They are here to help people like you.

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