Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2022

Date/Deadline: 31 Jan, 2023

Embrace a sustainable future and harness your innovative ideas to create a greener planet for all. Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2022 launched by Enterprise Singapore, aims to bring together industry partners and creative innovators to co-develop sustainable solutions in key areas such as sustainable materials, packaging, zero-waste and many more.

Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges. Threats to their environment with global warming, excessive single-use waste and depleting natural resources have instigated an urgent need to develop and implement solutions to help sustain their planet for future generations.

Their 4th edition of the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge, launched by Enterprise Singapore, aims to bring together industry partners and creative innovators to co-develop sustainable solutions. Solutions should be implemented locally and regionally before pushing them out on a global scale.

For this challenge, each of their industry partners bring a unique challenge statement addressing key themes of Green Buildings, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Food Source, Zero-waste, Sustainable Materials and Packaging.

Winning innovators will access a unique opportunity for co-innovation with corporates, benefiting from their extensive expertise, mentorship and resources. Other prize rewards include potential grant support from Enterprise Singapore, S$70,000 from Hexagon Group, alongside potential funding and test-bedding opportunities from the industry partners themselves.

The time is now to make a tangible difference to your business and the sustainable goals of their planet. Apply for the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2022 today!


1. Zero-waste
2. Sustainable Food Source
3. Sustainable Materials
4. Sustainable Packaging
5. Renewable Energy
6. Green Buildings


1. Substitution of/or alternative process to chemical use for viscose spinneret cleaning
2. Novel Korean seaweed snack barrier packaging solutions
3. Mechanisation of harvesting using robotics/technology for “Palm Oil”
4. Aiming for zero fruit loss
5. Development of a novel solution or by-product by recycling EPDM flooring mats
6. Sustainable solutions for food waste recycling and/or upcycling
7. Develop a facility-level abatement system for the destruction of greenhouse gas from semiconductor fab exhaust
8.Extraction of minerals from industrial sludge for reuse
9. Sustainable method to remove microplastics from washing machine discharge
10. Developing a new sustainable packaging material for dietary supplements* in sachet and pouch formats to optimise recycling, while maintaining product stability
11. Extending the stability of oil during deep frying of snack products
12. Cost-effective water sensors solutions to reduce water usage for farmers
13. Develop cost effective and deployable solutions for collecting and sorting textile waste in the urban environment
14. Closed loop recycling solutions for waste streams
15. Maximize the harnessing of solar energy on Sentosa through novel, non-conventional applications of solar technologies that can be deployed on different form factors (e.g. vertical or round structures) that meets regulatory safety requirements and incorporates considerations such as guest experiences and aesthetics
16. Innovative solutions for the recycling of plastics cosmetic packaging
17. Solutions for P2P energy trading between buildings
18. Metal sheet solar cladding system for building roof and fa├žade applications
19. Upcycling of post-production textile waste regardless of textile/fabrics composition
20. The Liveability Challenge

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