Date/Deadline: 03 Mar, 2023

A grant for individuals from across the globe. A funded fellowship programme for innovative climate data specialists.


£10k / AUD 20k grant
Power up your climate data project with financial support from your nearest Subak node. You can use the funding to access products, services, or just keep yourself going while you work on your project. Subak funding offers flexibility and how you spend the money is up to you.


Join their global community
Fellows will join their global community of climate startups, experts and other Fellows working on the cutting edge of climate research. You will be part of a community of global change-makers working with data, and be able to collaborate with people tackling similar climate challenges.


Receive 1:1 support from Subak’s team
Benefit from Subak’s in-house expertise and accelerator programme to supercharge your data capabilities and climate impact. They can offer technical guidance, marketing and comms support, and data best practice.

What they offer

The Subak Fellowship offers individuals anywhere in the world working on climate data the opportunity to:

– Get funded to work on their project via their nearest Subak node (UK or Australia), with either £10k or AUD 20k
– Receive 1:1 support from Subak’s in-house experts
– Join a global community of climate change-makers

What they ask for

Fellows will deliver a project which will:

– Open up a new climate dataset from an existing source that others can also use.
– Create a new dataset from a novel and innovative climate project.
– Connect, analyse or deliver downstream impact of existing climate data.
– Improve the architecture and connectedness of data in the Subak Data Catalogue.

The Data Catalogue is Subak’s climate data repository and they are looking for Fellows to add valuable climate data and connections to make it a richer and more powerful tool in fighting climate change.

The Data Catalogue is making climate data more searchable, more connected, and more trusted.

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