Stronger Regional Communities Plan

The Stronger Regional Communities Plan small grants program aims to support Victorian rural and regional towns in attracting families and young people to live and work. It will do so by investing in community-led initiatives and partnerships that create or enhance the conditions for economic growth and build resilient, diversified and sustainable economies.

Objectives of Program

Strong communities are characterised by high levels of social and economic participation. They demonstrate effective decision-making and strong networks and are attractive to people considering moving to live and work.

The SRCP small grants program will support initiatives under the following two program streams:

1) Community capacity building
This program stream aims to develop and strengthen local people’s capacity to make a difference in their communities. It will do this by supporting initiatives that build skills, increase citizen participation and grow local economic initiatives.

Activities that may be considered include but are not limited to;

– supporting locally-led partnerships to address economic development challenges and grow opportunities
– establishing or growing community and small enterprise projects
– community strengthening projects which may have a small infrastructure component
– increased local civic and economic development skills
– collaboration that results in local economic development, planning or community resilience initiatives to flourish
– increasing local community participation, diversity and collaboration in planning, decision making and regional priority projects.

2) Population attraction
This program stream aims to attract groups, such as professionals and skilled labour, businesses, families and young people to regional Victoria. It will do this by supporting priority projects that promote relevant lifestyles and employment opportunities.

Activities that may be considered include, but are not limited to:
– events designed to promote the benefits and abilities of the local area and industries
– engaging community groups to welcome new and potential families to the area
– developing marketing and promotion strategies for towns undergoing significant change
– using existing networks to identify and promote employment opportunities.

Funding Details

The SRCP supports small grants of up to $50,000

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