Social Traders’ Crunch Start-Up Accelerator

Social Traders Crunch start-up accelerator will help you build your social enterprise by testing, measuring and validating your business model, to work out whether your start-up has legs.
Contact number: +61 3 8319 8444
Date/Deadline: 22 Jun, 2017

Social Traders’ Crunch Start-Up Accelerator works with new and existing social enterprises to help them start, transform or scale.

Social Traders’ Crunch delivers business skills and networks to enable social enterprises to become sustainable and generate social impact. Crunch accelerates the development of enterprises by validating their business models and preparing them to access capital and customers.

Through Social Traders’ high calibre networks, the program provides industry specific expertise through business mentors from a range of organisations, as well as analytical support from Melbourne Business School.

Social enterprises that have participated in Crunch help marginalised people by generating jobs and providing solutions to community problems in areas such as health, housing, education and food security.

Social Traders’ Crunch:

  • Develops the business and impact model of enterprises
  • Prepares enterprises to secure investment
  • Lays the foundations for growth and customer acquisition
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