Social Impact Fellowship Scholarships 2024

Date/Deadline: 07 Jan, 2024

Are you ready to transform their career and make a lasting impact on the world? The Social Impact Hub, in collaboration with the Australian Scholarships Foundation, is offering an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

Excitingly, there are five scholarships for the transformative Social Impact Fellowship, a three-month program is designed to empower changemakers to drive social and environmental impact.

Being a part of this fellowship means joining over 150 individuals who have enhanced their ability to create change through comprehensive workshops, meaningful mentorship, and hands-on projects.

As a Social Impact Fellow, you will:

  • Attend immersive masterclasses and exclusive sessions with leading entrepreneurs, impact investors, and changemakers.
  • Gain access to high-quality content from the Scaling Impact Accelerator Program.
  • Work on real-world projects with social enterprises.
  • Join a diverse community of aspiring changemakers intent on building a more inclusive, just, and sustainable world.
  • Receive mentoring support to foster the learning journey and guide next steps.

Fellows come from all walks of professional life – from government to banking to architecture and education – united by a common desire to positively impact the world. Joining the Fellowship is about more than learning about social impact; it’s about becoming a part of a lifelong community of changemakers with a passion for learning from each other. Apply today.

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