Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) 2022 Bursaries

Date/Deadline: 01 Jun, 2022

Thanks to the generous support of SEWF22’s partners and sponsors, there are a number of bursaries available for this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum, happening both online and in-person (in Brisbane, Australia!).

Please note that in-person (Physical Pass) bursaries are available to Australian residents only. Prior to applying, please read the Terms & Conditions, which provide more information on the bursary categories and eligibility.

  • Youth (Digital and Physical Passes): Available for under 30-year-old social entrepreneurs and young people interested in social enterprise.
  • Financial Hardship (Digital and Physical Passes): Available for social enterprises that are facing hardship and difficulties attending SEWF22.
  • Low income, lower middle income or conflict-affected countries (Digital Passes only): Countries under this category have been defined by World Bank Atlas in June 2021. The qualifying criterion is the regular business address of the participant. Registrations will be checked and if the participant’s address does not match the selected category the ticket will be cancelled.
  • Rural and Remote [Australia only] (Digital and Physical Passes): Available for social enterprises and social entrepreneurs within rural and remote Australia.
  • First Nations [Australia] (Digital and Physical Passes): Available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, leaders and Traditional Custodians.

SEWF’s goal is to grow the global social enterprise movement in order to accelerate our transition to a new global impact economy. Since the first Social Enterprise World Forum in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2008, the events have brought together thousands of people from around the world to build community, capacity and capability within the social enterprise sector. Each year, the Forum moves around the world, working with a different co-host to bring you challenging, topical programmes featuring local, national and international expertise.

Bursaries are to ensure that everyone who would find SEWF22 valuable to their work, has the opportunity to attend, regardless of circumstance. They are limited, so be sure to get your application in by 1 June 2022.

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