Date/Deadline: 29 Feb, 2024

Elevate a social enterprise to new heights with the City of Melbourne’s Social Enterprise Grants Program. This unique opportunity is designed to bolster both new and existing enterprises that operate with a distinct social purpose, offering up to $20,000 per application to help make a greater impact.

A ‘social enterprise’, for the purposes of this program, is an organisation that not only generates most of its income from trade but also directs its profits towards fulfilling a social mission. Whether it’s a not-for-profit or a for-profit business, if it aligns with this definition, it’s encouraged to apply.

Applicants must be located within the City of Melbourne municipality, planning to establish themselves in the city, or have the majority of their workforce based within the city.

This grant program features two streams: one specifically for those working on circular economy solutions, challenging traditional perceptions of ‘waste’, and another open stream for social enterprises working on any other impactful solution. Whether they’re extending the lifecycle of hard-to-recycle products, refurbishing items destined for landfill, or creating innovative solutions to societal issues, Melbourne wants to hear about it.

The Social Enterprise Grants Program supports the establishment, development, and expansion of businesses that add to the vitality, diversity, and inclusiveness of Melbourne’s business scene. It aligns with the Economic Development Strategy 2031 and the Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030, reinforcing Melbourne’s commitment to economic growth and sustainability.

Whether an individual organisation or proposing a collaborative project, this is a chance to make a significant difference in the city. Apply today and contribute to building a more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable Melbourne.

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