Date/Deadline: 21 Oct, 2022

Skalata Ventures is on the lookout for exceptional founders. Curious, thoughtful people with deep convictions, solving big problems.

But from here on out, they’re doing things a bit differently…

Every month, Skalata Ventures chats with hundreds of talented entrepreneurs across Australia. Sure, it’s part of the job, but it’s also the only way to constantly improve what they do.

And what they’re hearing time and time again is what founders really want: faster decisions from investors (and actionable feedback), more direct support, de-risked access to follow on funding…and just a much friendlier process.

They listened.

So what’s new?

– They’re now investing in up to 5 companies per month on a rolling basis. No more waiting 6 months for the next intake! Apply any time.
– They’ve streamlined their application process to be faster and more founder-friendly.
– They’re offering more hands-on, operational resources than ever before.

No cookie-cutter lectures, no out-of-touch mentors, no magic bullets. Just you and your team executing at the highest level. Their venture development team can help propel your promising early-stage startup into a (market) force to be reckoned with.


– They invest quickly ($100-$200K) so you can make key hires and invest in product development and growth
– They diagnose your company, tech stack, team and market
– They crystalise the future – where do you want to be/how can they make it happen?
– They help you draw that line from A to B with practical, action-oriented support
– They call in the cavalry – seasoned advisors and industry experts fill any knowledge /experience gaps and open up their networks to your business
– They can follow on up to a total $1M investment when your growth engine starts humming.

Take your business from good to great. Apply now!

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