SingularityU Australia Impact 1 Billion Bootcamps

This 2-day immersion is offered to those who have been recognised and commended at various pitch events throughout Australia that we sponsor and support.

The programme is for founders, innovators inventors and organisations who are ready to increase their vision, their reach and their capacity to impact 1 billion lives.

The 2- day immersion prepares participants to pitch at a SingularityU Australia national event.

Program Deliverables

2 Day Intensive Bootcamp
8am – 6pm
Price: $5,000

Learning Content:

You will enhance your presentation and deliver a powerful 3 minute pitch by Bootcamp’s end.

  • Develop and define your Moonshot Idea.
  • Formulate your plan to impact 1 billion lives
  • Map the entrepreneurial journey
  • Effectively communicate your idea, using our Marketing 101 methodologies
  • Target an investor-ready method, empowered by our experienced investor and fund management expert

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