#sharetheplatform is about giving black, indigenous & people of colour start-up founders a platform to share their stories. They are asking for the start-up ecosystem to stand up and say “racism is not accepted here, we are stronger together.”

One Love Australia is coordinating a campaign that will consist of a video interview series that pairs a successful start-up founder one-on-one with a black, indigenous or person of colour founder for a discussion about business, race and the future.

At launch they will run a timed social media campaign on Linkedin & Twitter that releases those videos as well as other content from supporters & partners – the aim here is to get people, organisations and businesses to launch the campaign at the same time for maximum impact.

Campaign objectives:
– to spotlight the representation of black, indigenous and people of colour start-up founders
– to educate the community about racism and the challenges faced by minorities
– to show solidarity and create opportunities for under-represented minorities

There are three ways to get involved with the campaign, outlined below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at sharetheplatform@oneloveAustralia.com. au


Help reach and tell more people about the campaign – it could be as simple as making your team aware that it’s happening, or introducing One Love to other businesses or organisations that would be interested. You don’t have to attach your brand to the campaign to help get the word out there prior to launch. If you register as an amplifier, you will be emailed a small pack of ideas and resources that you can use to reach out to people about the campaign. Register here https://bit.ly/2ZhU762


Adding on from the Amplifier, Supporters are lending their brand to the campaign and generating some content that they can release at the launch of the campaign. One Love has a #sharetheplatform sign that members of your organisation can take photos with and post to LinkedIn & Twitter during the launch phase of the campaign. They’ll also clue you in on how to share content for the campaign. If you register as a supporter, you will be emailed a pack with all the relevant information and resources that you need to be involved. Register https://bit.ly/2VpTp5G


Finally, for those who want to be ‘all-in’ there’s the option to be a partner. This is a more active role within the campaign, One Love will help you create content that you can release throughout the campaign. You’ll also be able to sign “The Pledge” a symbolic document that says that, as an organisation you will listen to issues of race, and speak out and take acton against racism. One Love will feature their partners on the campaign website as well as collateral released throughout the campaign. If you register as a Partner, they’ll get in touch with you to discuss next steps. Register here https://bit.ly/31lKp5g

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