Date/Deadline: 24 May, 2022

Effective policy is essential for a thriving social enterprise sector. Whether you’re a policymaker, agency, or intermediary involved in policy development, you’ll be able to connect and learn at this event.

The SEWF 2022 Policy Forum kicks off this year’s annual programme of events, which is being co-hosted by White Box Enterprises. With the spotlight of this year’s Social Enterprise World Forum on Australia, this is a unique opportunity for you to connect and learn alongside policy leaders from around the world through discussions, keynotes and panels. This year’s Policy Forum’s themes are:

  • Policy & Systems
  • Climate Solutions
  • Future of Work
  • Community-led Solutions

In addition to inspiring panels and keynotes with live Q&A and chat, this year the event will also feature:

  • Pre-event matching and meeting (open 2 weeks before the event)
  • Online networking
  • Online spaces for discussion
  • OnDemand recordings for ticket holders
What more can you expect at the Policy Forum?

Inspiring conversations

Get ready for two to three days of inspiring keynotes, disruptive ideas and exciting panels featuring outstanding speakers.

Exciting connections

With multiple sessions and insightful panels, you can connect and share ideas with other participants by joining open conversation spaces on Hopin.

No dull moment!

They’ll be live Q&A, in-session chat, polls and participants coming on the ‘live cam’ during specific sessions to share their thoughts… thought this was going to be only about watching people talk? Think again.

More networking time

With events like this, there’s never enough time to network. So the Policy Forum has consciously included more 1:1 networking time and spaces so participants and speakers can connect more and exchange more details.

Pre-event matching and meetings

Early event access will give you the opportunity to meet other brilliant minds, exchange ideas and lay the foundations for new, fruitful partnerships as we work together in co-creating the future.

Access recorded content

Missed a session? Access recorded content on-demand through the Hopin Replay Area.

Join us at the SEWF 2022 Policy Forum to co-create the future together!

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