Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator

Date/Deadline: 27 Nov, 2022

Terraformation is launching the world’s first biodiversity-focused, carbon-funded forest accelerator.

To support their mission of confronting climate change by restoring the world’s forests, they’re bringing together forest creators, funders, and experts from around the world to create thriving forests and communities that preserve biodiversity while increasing the global forest carbon supply.

Why they’re doing this

To restore the planet’s forests, meet climate goals, and satisfy growing demand for high-quality carbon credits, the world will need thousands of new forest creators across the globe to plant and nurture new forests.

Their Accelerator will both foster the growth of new forest creation teams and increase the capacity of existing teams so that they can scale up faster and create more fundable projects — all while creating lasting forests and more resilient communities.

Projects with capacity to generate registered carbon credits have much-improved access to funding, so enabling teams and removing the barriers to reaching full-scale carbon projects are core goals of the Accelerator. But their approach isn’t solely focused on carbon — creating biodiverse forests and supporting local communities are embedded in their company DNA and drive their decisions about team and project selection.

Who’s it for?

Their Accelerator is open to forest creation and restoration teams of all types and from all locations

Though there are some key characteristics that will make you a stronger candidate.

Given their primary funding mechanism is “growing” future forest carbon stocks, teams that are well positioned to create large-scale, successful projects capable of generating registerable carbon credits are best suited for the Accelerator.

You might be a great fit if you:

• Already have a team and experience in creating or restoring forests
• Have long-term access and rights to reforest at least 300 hectares of land
• Are interested in learning more about carbon market financing
• Share their values of biodiversity and predominantly native plants
• Want to create a forest project with long-term benefits ( >30 years )
• Are focused on building forests that last for generations and benefit the environment and community around those forests
• Have experience in complementary sustainable business models (e.g., agroforestry, NTFP, etc.) — preferred, but not required

Why participate?

Participation in the Accelerator is free for forest creators and comes with a range of value-added benefits.

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