Date/Deadline: 17 Oct, 2022

Apply to become a 2023 Laureate

In 2023, Rolex will offer five Rolex Awards for Enterprise. The Awards are open to anyone age 18 and over, whose pioneering project expands knowledge of our world and improves the quality of life on the planet.

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise identify and invest in exceptional people seeking solutions to humankind’s most pressing challenges. These visionary individuals are united by a commitment to improve life and protect our planet. They have in common the ability to embrace projects that require creativity and determination in the face of considerable odds.

Rolex is seeking innovative projects in the five following areas: science and health, the environment, applied technology, exploration and cultural heritage. The five Laureates will receive substantial funding and worldwide publicity to assist with their projects. They will also be granted access to the Rolex community of Laureates for advice and guidance.

Applications for the 2023 Rolex Awards for Enterprise are open to anyone age 18 and over. The application must be completed by the person who plays a leading role in the project or the organisation. Candidates can apply in English, simplified Chinese and Spanish. Once an account is created, each candidate has a maximum of two weeks to complete the pre-application form. The 2023 Rolex Awards for Enterprise do not provide scholarships for academic studies.

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