Queensland Arts Showcase Program

Date/Deadline: 30 Jan, 2025

The Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) provides funding to support individuals, organisations or collectives to deliver vibrant and accessible arts and cultural experiences for Queensland.


The Program invests in:

– the development and growth of a vibrant and accessible arts and cultural sector in Queensland
– strengthening the Queensland arts and cultural sector’s connection with new audiences state-wide, nationally and internationally
– supporting artistic and non-artistic collaborations to develop innovative and quality arts and cultural experiences
– strengthening professional development and the creation of employment and training opportunities for Queensland’s small to medium arts and cultural sector.


The Program is administered across three funding streams:

• Arts Ignite – funding of up to $60 000 for new works, and up to $40,000 and in-kind venue support for Arts Ignite – Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (JWCoCA)
Supports the creative development and public presentation of new works which respond to demand.
Cultivates new and emerging talent, and extends artists and/or organisations’ practice, audiences and markets.
Arts Ignite – JWCoCA supports creative development projects of up to four weeks’ duration, and a further optional showing or short performance season, at the JWCoCA.

• Arts Illuminate – funding of up to $100 000 to secure acclaimed artists that will engage the community and build local capacity
Supports Queensland communities to engage high quality national and internationally-renowned artists to present unique arts and cultural experiences.
Builds the capacity of Queensland’s arts and cultural sector, through collaboration with acclaimed artists to cultivate local talent and deliver legacy outcomes.

• Arts Impact – funding of up to $60 000 for diverse arts and cultural experiences for Queensland
Supports a vibrant and diverse range of original arts and cultural experiences for Queensland communities.
Supports initiatives that drive cultural tourism and/or activates existing community and cultural infrastructure.

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