Purves Environmental Fund

The Purves Environmental Fund enables and empowers others to work together to achieve meaningful impact in the areas of environmental sustainability and biodiversity.

They do this by granting funds which:

– Act as catalyst to change
– Fill gaps in effecting change
– Break down barriers to action
– Support creation of new thinking and practice
– Provide bold leadership
– Encourage participation of stakeholders

Their Focus Areas

They establish core areas to support, and these focus areas are reviewed periodically. Below are their current focus areas.

  • Habitat Destruction – Invasive species management; stopping broad-scale tree-clearing; protection of wilderness areas.
  • Capacity Building of Key NGOs – Building financial capacity to become self-sustainable, or empowering future leaders of environmental movement or conservation.
  • Climate Change Adaptation – Initiatives that seek to adapt water resource management and food production under the changing climate.


They generally recommend to seek funding below $50k to new applicants, however, there is no strict guidelines on this.

Closing dates and rounds

They are open to receiving applications all throughout the year. However, please note that decisions on applications will be decided by the Fund’s board, which meets four times a year. If your application advances to formal application submission, you will be notified of the deadline so your application can be processed in a timely manner for consideration at the next upcoming board meeting.

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