Purves Environmental Fund

Date/Deadline: 09 Mar, 2023

The Purves Environmental Fund’s vision is an environmentally sustainable world in which biodiversity is preserved.

Their mission is to advance, primarily through education of individuals and organisations, environmental sustainability and preservation of biodiversity.

Their charitable purposes are:

  • ┬áTo protect and enhance the natural environment;
  • To enhance the protection of Australia’s unique biodiversity for the benefit of future generations through the protection of native species and the ecological processes that support them, particularly in the primary production landscape;
  • To provide information and education about the natural environment and to improve the Australian community’s understanding of the urgent need for greater sustainability; and,
  • To support scientific research and field projects that are aimed at supporting catalytic work to find solutions for important environmental issues not currently supported by environmental groups or government.

Their Core Objectives

They grant gifts (funds) to enable and empower others working towards environmental sustainability and preservation of biodiversity.

They aim to:

  • Act as catalyst to change
  • Support creation of new thinking and practice
  • Fill gaps in effecting change
  • Provide bold leadership
  • Break down barriers to action
  • Encourage participation of stakeholders

Their Focus Areas

They periodically review their funding focus area in accordance with their strategy and direction that reflect the latest environmental movement and gaps in effecting changes.

Below are the list of their current funding focus areas. They endeavour to support initiatives that address these matters, and strongly align with their core objectives, visions, and charitable purposes.

  • Habitat Destruction

They aim to support advocacy and or or innovative initiatives that aim to mitigate or prevent biodiversity loss from destruction of the habitat. In particular, they endeavour to support initiatives aimed at:

– Managing invasive species
– Stopping broad-scale tree-clearing
– Protecting wilderness areas.

  • Capacity Building of Key NGOs

They aim to support key important environmental NGOs become financially sustainable by helping them build and strengthen their financial capacity, and also seek to empower future leaders of environmental movement and conservation through training or employment.

  • Climate Change Adaptation

They aim to support initiatives that seek to improve policies around water and land resource management under a changing climate. In particular activities that seek to advocate for:

– Improvement in the management of their scarce water resources, and/or
– Transition to climate-friendly food production

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