Date/Deadline: 19 Oct, 2022

An immersive, two-day event for the purpose-driven business community.

Since 2015, Purpose has explored, celebrated and amplified the growing momentum around ethical, regenerative and social impact business. In 2022, they’re back with more world class speakers, boundary pushing ideas and life changing connections.

Program Themes:

• Nature x Tech
• Impact Capital
• Circular Economy
• Regenerative Business
• Health & Wellbeing
• First Nations Wisdom
• Diversity & Belonging
• Responsible Technology

Purpose is a place where ideas are sparked, community is formed and conversations can help them navigate an uncertain future.

They exist to see the business world transformed to be entirely sustainable, responsible and human and they believe the world’s most urgent and complex challenges can be solved through the power of purpose-driven business.

they bring together purpose-driven entrepreneurs, teams, agitators and advocates for change for two days of cutting edge content, learning, music, food, art and networking.

A time of change

Every one of them has experienced immense change since the last time Purpose was held in 2018. A pandemic has awakened them to the systems and people they rely on. Fires and floods have brought the climate emergency to their lives in the most visceral ways. Australia’s historic climate election brought many a renewed sense of optimism. And businesses have been recalibrating as a result.

Their Mission

Their mission is to create a world where sustainable and social impact solutions are scaled. Where businesses making positive impacts are winning and those causing social and environmental tragedy are extinct.

The last two years have inspired them to dig a little deeper into ‘purpose’ as a driving force in both their professional and personal lives. As the world reorients itself to meet the demands of an uncertain and unpredictable future, they couldn’t think of a better time to come together again. And we’re pumped.

On 19 and 20 October, 2022, Purpose will be found in Carriageworks, Sydney. A future-proofed professional network of 600 who are the best at what they do.

Give them two days and they’ll show you what hope feels like.

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