Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management

Date/Deadline: 17 Jun, 2019

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management program by Amani Institute is about learning by doing, training with master practitioners with a unique experience in an emerging market.

This Program is a 9-month hybrid online and in-person learning experience in Kenya, India or Brazil, that equips aspiring global changemakers with tools to make a sustained impact in the world. The program is for you if you want to:

  • Explore your future: You feel restless with your current position and are ready for a journey that moves you closer to understanding your true purpose.
  • Unlock your entrepreneurial potential: You want to create your own social venture or are looking to apply creative skills inside an organization.
  • Change the world: You have already worked in social change, or you hope to move your career in that direction – to do work you are proud of.
  • Accelerate your Career: You want to become a global citizen, take your career to the next level, and build a strong global network.

The Social Innovation Management program lasts 9 months – 5 months online, 4 months physically immersed in one of the most exciting cities of innovation in the global South: Nairobi (Kenya), São Paulo (Brazil) or Bengaluru (India).

The Program is a rare mix of:

  • Practice – with project-based learning, field trips and apprenticeship.
  • Classroom learning – with 10 professional skills courses about Communication, Leadership, Creativity, Management, and Entrepreneurship taught by international practitioners at the top of their fields.

It will be exponentially boosted by your peers and the network you are going to join.

Applications are now open for the program starting in July 2019.

What are you waiting for?

440 Fellows from 60 countries have already joined this unique program and are eager to learn who else is going to be part of the community.

85+ Apprenticeship hosts are happy to consider our Fellows for an apprenticeship in their organization.

100+ Employer partners are looking forward to sharing their job openings with Amani Institute’s alumni.

Amazing field trips in Kenya, India or Brazil that will blow you away not only by offering you amazing insights into the social impact sector but also with the stunning culture and nature of these countries.


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