Pollinate Energy Fellowship Programs

Pollinate Energy is committed to supporting the next generation of social entrepreneurs and change-makers through our Fellowship programs. They offer opportunities to university students and professionals from India and around the world.

Student Fellowship
A four week deep dive into social entrepreneurship for university students and recent graduates. We look for candidates who are passionate about entrepreneurship, international development and sustainability and want to learn more about working a real social enterprise.

Professionals Fellowship
A highly specialised two week program designed for professionals with a strong focus on professional and personal development. We look for candidates who have at least 3 years of work experience and are interested in learning about social enterprise and international development, and building new skills in problem-solving, leadership and cross-cultural communication.

Indian Fellowship
A deep dive into social entrepreneurship, with a focus on building leadership and cross-cultural communication skills alongside an international team. We look for Indian nationals who are university students or professionals, speak the local language (Kannada, Telegu, Bengali or Hindi, depending on the city in which they are applying) and are passionate about entrepreneurship, international development and/or sustainability.

City Leader
A unique opportunity to work with Pollinate Energy for an extended period time and support our growth by starting operations in new cities, running Fellowship programs, scouting new markets for us to enter, and/or building our capabilities at HQ and in our city offices.

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