Date/Deadline: 10 Sep, 2019

Pitching can make or break a business. Investors take interest in the entrepreneur, not just the business, so your pitch must prove that you’re capable, efficient, and able to sustain the project into future growth. Storytelling is the best way to make your pitch resonate with your audience. With the right story, you can convey all critical information, capture a room’s attention, and attract investors.

It’s vital to target your pitch. Investors aren’t all interested in the same thing, so do your investor research. Memorising your pitch isn’t the same thing as delivering it smoothly and naturally. Practice your pitch in front of a test audience until it flows easily and incorporate their questions and concerns into your pitch.

Here’s a quick taste of some of the topics they’ll discuss:

– Succinctly defining a market problem—and your solution to it
– Condensing your entire business concept into a ten-minute pitch
– Preparing for any questions and criticisms from investors
– Personal presentation, including attire, stance, and voice

This workshop is for entrepreneurs and startups who want to:

– Learn how to package their startup concept within a pitch
– Attract investors to their startup
– Walk away with the knowledge to develop their own high-quality pitch

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Brett Melville was the Investment Portfolio Manager of Australia Post Superannuation Scheme ($8bn) and his main responsibilities were portfolio monitoring, investment research, manager due diligence and implementation. Prior to the APSS, Brett held Treasury dealer positions at Orica and Australia Post. He gained valuable experience in risk management, FX, commodities, interest rates, hedging strategies and balance sheet management. He also worked within National Australia Bank in client relationships, asset transitions and custody settlements for some of Australia’s largest superannuation funds.

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