Take a break from the day-to-day, apply your knowledge to make a difference, and build your skills as a global leader, as you work hand-in-hand with world-renowned Pollinate Energy to solve social business challenges.
Date/Deadline: 05 Mar, 2018

What is the Professional Fellowship program all about?

Step out of the office and into the dynamic world of a social startup operating at the bottom of the pyramid. On the  Professionals Fellowship you will joinPollinate Energy for two weeks at one of their city offices in India.

You will learn about the lives of families living in India’s slums and spend time interacting with them to understand their challenges and needs. You will put that learning into practice and use your knowledge and skills to help Pollinate Energy overcome its most pressing business challenges.

You will see an agile and values-driven business in action, where your ideas today are put into practice that same afternoon, and you will learn how your skills as a professional can truly make a difference.

What will I be doing on the program?

You will travel to one of Pollinate Energy’s city offices in India, where you will stay for two weeks with the rest of your Professionals Fellowship team (never a boring moment!) Every day, you and your team will work together as a mini consultancy alongside our Indian Fellows and our Pollinate Energy team to create new ways to overcome old (and new) problems. This will involve both office-based work and fieldwork.

The specific projects that your team will focus on will be set closer to the program dates to match your skills and their needs, but examples of projects include:

  • Incubating a new business line for Pollinators by sourcing, trialling and launching new products (we launched improved cookstoves, water filters, mosquito nets and modular solar systems through Professional Fellowship programs)
  • Evaluating Pollinate Energy’s impact on the ground through quantitative and qualitative surveys and workshops with customers and recommending improvements to enhance our impact
    Building new recruitment channels and developing improved training materials and processes for their Pollinators.

In addition, you will participate in personal and professional development sessions led by Pollinate Energy City Leaders. This is your opportunity to self-reflect, understand what truly motivates you, and learn how you can redirect your focus to build the most fulfilling and meaningful career for you.

Who runs the program?

Pollinate Energy is a social business bringing life-changing products to people who need them most: the millions living in poverty in India’s urban slums. The program is run by Pollinate Energy’s City Leaders. Each City Leader has their own story to share and has been selected on their ability to lead inspiring and motivating programs to make sure you have the best possible hands-on experience in social enterprise.

This is your chance to take time out, grab a hold of your career and steer yourself in the right direction. The final day to submit your application is 5 March 2018. But don’t wait, apply today!

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