Parramatta Representative Sport Grants

The Parramatta Representative Sport Grants is a fast track category designed to:

– Support people who are excelling at sport and representing Parramatta at a state, national or international level;
– Reduce financial pressure on individuals and families presented by excelling in representative sport;
– Role modelling active lifestyles and fair play to the Parramatta community;
– Promote and develop athlete pathways;
– Leverage off/disseminate knowledge and experience with other athletes;
– Develop leaders to promote participation pathways in their chosen sport or recreation field.

$20,000 is allocated to the Representative Sports Grant.

The Representative Sports Grant category is now a tiered funding structure, up to a maximum cap of $1,000 (ex GST) as per below, or 50% of competition costs, whichever is lesser:

i. International competition = $1,000
ii. National representation = $500
iii. State representation = $200

City of Parramatta Council will only fund one application over a calendar year, regardless of the number of applications received from an organisation.

Applications are open all year round.

Applicants must submit an application at least four weeks before the sporting event start date. The assessment and approval process can take longer than four weeks resulting in applicants being notified of a funding decision after the event has occurred.

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