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Ourgoodbrands support the mindful makers, the movers, the shakers… the independent businesses, the world changers, the hard workers, the do-gooders & the trying-to-do-better-ers.

It takes good parties to have what they like to call “Ourgoodpartnership”. They know they are officially good because they are positive, they are loyal, they walk their talk, they are honest, and they really care. They feature brands that are ethical, sustainable, eco and social-conscious. They want to know if YOU are good enough & the right fit to be showcased on their platform. These are some of the criteria they are looking for, so if your brand is under any of these categories most likely you have a spot at Ourgoodbrands.

01 Fairtrade
02 Certified Organic
03 Eco-friendly Fabrics
04 Ethical Accreditations
05 Innovative Materials
06 Sustainable Production
07 Social Entrepreneurship
08 Circular Economy
09 Sustainable Business Models
10 Empowerment of Communities
11 Positive Activism
12 Green Politics
13 Environmentalism
14 Slow Fashion
15 Minimalism
16 Zero Waste
17 Veganism & Cruelty-free
18 Art & Educational Impact

While most of the Media with interests in sustainability are focused in a specific region or country, at Ourgoodbrands they know that Good’ness has no borders and could be found anywhere. This is why they feature brands from all over the world, and also because being digital writers they are not limited by the fact they are currently based in Australia.

Now, are you Keen to work together?

Contact hello@ourgoodbrands.com and they will endeavour to respond within a week.


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