Open Road Ventures (ORV) is Open Road’s latest instrument to “keep impact on track” in the social sector. It will disburse $50 million in loans to nonprofits and social enterprises over the next five years.

Open Road sees every grant it makes as an investment for social impact, providing fast, flexible capital via Charitable Grants and Loans.

Open Road makes one-time investments in the form of charitable grants or loans to provide discrete solutions to projects encountering unexpected roadblocks during implementation. They have no sector or geographic focus, but rather all situations must meet the following four criteria to be approved for an investment.

If not for this roadblock your organization wouldn’t need funding – all of the necessary operating funds for the year were secured, and then something unexpected occurred necessitating additional funding.

The additional funding need must be unexpected – it cannot be an internal error but something external to the organization that has created the need.

The problem must have a discrete, one-time funding solution that is not recurring, and does not “kick the can down the road.” They aim to fully solve the problem at hand.

The organization’s model must have the potential to be system-changing, either in design or scale, creating an amplifier or multiplier effect.

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