NYC Hybrid Immersion Program 2023

Date/Deadline: 25 Mar, 2023

NYC (Hybrid) Immersion Program is designed for businesses expanding in and for international companies scaling into the US.

The fully curated program offers businesses the opportunity to connect with New York City entrepreneur and corporate networks to facilitate a successful USA market entry.

Businesses who have started to scale into the USA, and require additional traction are also encouraged to apply.


Here are some considerations:

• Ready to scale which could mean one or any of these following:
• Strong market presence in at least 1 market;
• Several well-known brands as clients,
• Demonstrated $ turnover and % growth,
• Capital to expand,
• Committed team ready for this journey.
• You are committed to scaling into the USA market – this isn’t a research mission
• If you’re already scaling but don’t have the network or not getting traction, also join; they can fast-track your growth through their networks.
• You have budget to join the program.

Who can apply for the Program?

Companies ready to scale, or are scaling and require additional support to connect with US investors and/or prospects.

It is mandatory for all participants to attend all webinars, presentations and meetings both prior to commencing in New York and also during the week in New York.

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