NHMRC Partnership Projects

Date/Deadline: 04 Dec, 2019

Partnership Projects will support connections, within the Australian context, that translate research evidence into health policy and health practice, to improve health services and processes.

The scheme aims to support the work of healthcare policy and service delivery implementation agencies by supporting the translation of research outcomes into policy and practice and the evaluation of current policy and practice to identify gaps in knowledge. This type of research is normally conducted outside of universities and medical research institutes. It is for this reason that universities and medical research institutes are generally not eligible to partner with researchers through the scheme. Universities and medical research institutes can continue to participate as an Administering or Participating institution.

Partnership Projects will address the delivery, organisation, funding and access to services and programs that affect the health of Australians. Research may involve preventative programs, primary and community health care, hospitals, community services, the health workforce and infrastructure.

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