Mktplace Ventures Pre Seed Incubator for Entrepreneurs

Date/Deadline: 31 Dec, 2019

Mktplace Ventures Pre Seed Incubator support their start-ups and entrepreneurs with advisory services, within our eco-system, to: get to MVP, create financial models and business plans, implement sales and marketing strategies, achieve rapid growth, attract investment and facilitate capital raising, attain long-term sustainability, scale for IPO or create a strategy for a valuable exit.

As they focus on acceleration and support, they provide:

Technical Expertise: A drive towards MVP and market launch.

IP Commercialisation: Including access to grants and tax benefits.

Investment Ready: Focus on financial models and business plans.

Investment: Including sweat / equity in the right businesses with a strong founder

Advisory Services: Implement successful methods and structures to avoid costly errors and speed up product / market fit.

Data Analytics: Software use creates incredibly valuable data. They ensure you capture and mine this from the outset.

Sales and Marketing: Strategy and support for social, digital, inbound and outbound lead generation and scalable and repeatable sales processes which are founder independent.

Exit and Capital Raising: Become investment ready and understand how much you need, for what and when and then how much return you will create for investors.

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