Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator – GRIST 2019

Date/Deadline: 30 Jun, 2019

The Mill House Social Enterprise Accelerator Program (GRIST) is a 6-month social venture builder for individuals and teams who seek to use a hybrid business model to achieve social, cultural economic or environmental impact.

For 2019, Mill House are launching a brand-new program based on the highly successful CRUNCH Accelerator, from Social Traders. GRIST focuses on building business skills and networks that will enable social enterprises to develop a commercially viable business that will sustain long-term social impact. Their support is designed to ‘accelerate’ the development of social ventures by validating their business model and preparing them to access capital and customers.

Social Enterprises that have participated in GRIST are very diverse and represent both not-for-profit and for-profit social ventures. Examples include ventures that provide training and employment for individuals excluded from mainstream economic participation, such as people with intellectual disabilities, experience episodic mental health conditions or that have been incarcerated. Other Mill House Alumni are iterating impact models in areas such as adolescent mental health and wellness, Indigenous advancement, problem drinking, health, housing and food security.

What do you get?

  • A supportive and experienced team including business mentors, students and Mill House staff to empower you to develop your concept and plan rapidly
  • Proven methodology, developed over numerous years supporting social enterprise, developed by Social Traders
  • Resources, tools and valuable IP (intellectual property)
  • Support in accessing funding from our social impact investors or participating in our Crowdfunding program milestone

Are you ready to build the commercial viability of your not-for-profit organisation or do you want to build measurable impact into your for-profit business? Apply Now for GRIST 2019!

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