Mental Health Day for Entrepreneurs + Their Teams

Date/Deadline: 10 Oct, 2019

Stress is the world-leading cause of disability according to the World Health Organisation. Yet with some education and new ideas, stress can be the exception rather than the “new normal”.

Healthy people are almost three times more effective at work – approximately 143 effective hours per month compared to 49 effective hours per month by those who are unhealthy (Comcare Study, 2018).

This World Mental Health Day, acquire practical, implementable, mental and emotional wellbeing skills in order to further your business’s success. Participants will learn strategies to develop and maintain the resilience and clarity required to run a successful business.

Topics include:

  1. Mindfulness: MorganWebert
  2. Relationships: Deborah Fairfull
  3. Money Mindset: Dr Andrew Powell
  4. Sound Sleep: Dr Carmel Harrington
  5. Achieving Goals: Anne McKeown

Learn to:

  • Practice mindfulness to feel focused and make your best decisions
  • Develop emotional mastery for an awesome team culture
  • Develop a money mindset to sustain your business
  • Learn how to sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed
  • Achieve your goals to keep moving forward
  • Maintain positive change rather than slip back into bad habits

Fishburner’s vision is to make a significant and positive impact, reverse the statistics, and support entrepreneurs and their teams to overcome stress and thrive. All speakers have years of experience and are well-known, highly regarded experts in their fields. And have your wellbeing questions answered by our expert panel to complete the day.

Give yourself and your team the wellbeing boost you deserve! You are welcome to come along for the full two hours, or for the sections that relate best to you. Reserve your FREE spot today!

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