Date/Deadline: 31 Mar, 2023

Mazda Foundation is dedicated to enriching Australian communities. Fostering a spirit of community involvement, the foundation supports a broad range of charitable projects with assistance and funding.


• Primary Producers facing hardship – Community based organisations with projects supporting primary producers facing hardship.
• Literacy and Numeracy – Programs addressing literacy and numeracy issues amongst primary school aged children, especially remedial programs for children from disadvantaged areas.


The Mazda Foundation’s aims and objectives include (but are not limited to) the provision of financial aid to funds, authorities and institutions which qualify for income tax deductibility for gifts and which provide:

  • assistance to young people through education and employment skills development, with particular emphasis on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • assistance in the advancement of education and achievement of excellence at all levels in the community.
  • assistance in the development of technology, to help improve Australia’s international competitiveness.
  • assistance towards the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment.
  • assistance to address community needs identified by the Mazda Foundation from time to time.
  • assistance in research, feasibility, surveys and other background work in relation to any of the above aims and objectives.
  • Substantial contributions to the Mazda Foundation have been made by Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan and Mazda Australia. Further contributions continue to be made by Mazda Australia, supported by the Mazda Dealer Network.

Donations to the Foundation, which are tax deductible, are also invited from individuals and organisations sharing the philosophy of the Mazda Foundation.

Mazda Foundation has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient and cheques should be made payable to “Mazda Foundation”.


Organisations applying for a grant must complete and lodge a Project Notification form. Details must include a précis of the project, how the project relates to the priority area, the amount of funding sought and how it would be used, and the expected outcome of the project. Such notification may be lodged electronically or by hard copy to the Mazda Foundation (at the address on the home page of this website).

The independent Board of Directors will consider each application and identify projects for which further detail will be sought. An agreed contribution will be made to the approved organisation(s) and the successful applicants notified.

If lodging a Project Notification form, please note that:

  • the project must fall within the Foundation’s nominated priority area;
  • the organisation must be an eligible recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act;
  • the project must be consistent with the broader aims and objectives of the Foundation (published on this website); and all areas of the attached form must be completed.
  • The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of the Project Notification form, but this should not be seen as in any way indicating that the request for consideration will progress further.
  • Any Project Notification received by the Foundation will be considered at the Foundation’s Board meetings held in April and October. As such Project Notifications must be submitted for notification by 31 March and 30 September. The Foundation’s Board meets approximately four times per year, and accordingly a period of some months may elapse between lodgement of a Project Notification and it being selected for funding.

Once the Foundation selects a project for funding, it may seek a detailed submission from the applicant and/or seek to confer with the applicant.

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