Main Sequence Challenge: Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare

Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare

How to make high impact equitable, quality healthcare available to everyone?

Challenge Brief

The delivery of healthcare today is inconsistent and uneven. Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare’s mission is to fund high impact medtech, healthtech and biotech research based startups that will decrease mortality and improve quality of life for millions of humans.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • 3 Good Health and Well Being
  • 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

What is a Main Sequence Challenge?

Main Sequence is Asia Pacific’s deep-tech venture fund, founded by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO. The valuable companies of the next few decades will be those tackling epic problems for a planet in trouble. They believe that the combined force of entrepreneurship + science can solve these problems. Main Sequence challenges led by specific members of the investment team guide them to discover, create and fuel companies to deliver these solutions at scale to the planet.

Main Sequence is excited to hear about what you are building. If invited to come and pitch, be comfortable. They like founders with their own styles. Leave some time for questions, because they are often very curious. This is a two-way conversation. You can ask them questions, too.

Some areas to focus on:

  • Introductions, your background and your ambition.
  • Demonstrating the opportunity size, the solution and competitor landscape.
  • Explaining your long term view, and the path to get there.

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